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As a professional artist I am believed to have high achievements in the sphere of artistic portrait, I can draw and paint by imagination as easily as from nature and possess high knowledge of human anatomy, which I use mostly in my figurative compositions and illustrations. I have high competence in the field of Fine Art and creative capacity. Pieces of my artwork are possessed by private collectors in different European countries. I have done design work for European projects, including the creation of a number of logos. Alongside my solo exhibitions, I have many participations in national and international exhibitions, contests and print biennials.

I have experience and expertise in the field of 3D design. My work covers all aspects of CG design - modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging and animation, creation and application of visual effects; it includes projects in the area of 3D Imaging and Display - creation of anaglyphs and lenticular prints. I am a proficient user of Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Encore and Audition, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Lenticular Effects and CorelDraw and have experience with Max MSP, Isadora and Processing.

The IOCT Masters provided me with the unique opportunity to work across multidisciplinary areas and in the course of my MSc studies I have developed a Flash-based website application that teaches children how to draw and a mobile phone application for an eco fashion company. My placement as a Multimedia Developer at De Montfort University, my enthusiasm for media production and knowledge of the professional editing software have resulted in shooting, editing and producing a video illustration of a poem, documentaries, interviews and promotional videos.

At present I am on a placement with the Technology Department of De Montfort University, working as a Multimedia Technical Assistant in Video Production. I am also working as a member of the 3D Imaging and Displays Research Group, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Martin Richardson.


2011 – 2012            MSc in Creative Technologies with Distinction, De Montfort University, Leicester.

Modules: Holographic Imaging, Video Production, Interactive Media and Applications, Creative Digital Media Design, Performance Technologies, Research Methods for Creative Projects and Research in Practice

2009               Certificate of participation in the "Art Education and New Technologies" training course, organised by Pixel, Florence, Italy. The training covered the topics: New Technologies for Art Education and Teaching, E-learning, Planning for E-learning, Creating  E-learning Materials for Art Teaching, Blended Learning

2002 – 2004          Master of Fine Art Degree in Fine Graphic Art at the National Academy of  Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the highest grades for the Bulgarian Educational system (equals A levels in all subjects)

Modules: Drawing, Printmaking, Composition, Anatomy, Photography, Perspective, Art History, Graphic Design, Colour Study, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Aplied and Experimental Psychology of Fine Art Teaching, Aesthetics, Ethics, Art Management and Business Conduct

1997 – 2001         Certificate of Professional Qualification “Teacher of Fine Art from First to Twelfth Grade in Schools of General Education and Professional (Vocational) Schools of Art”  - equals year 1 to year 13 (age range: 6 – 19) in both primary and secondary schools

1997 – 2001          Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Fine Graphic Art at the National Academy of  Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, with the highest grades
1997                          Graduated from the A. S. Pushkin Language School in Varna, Bulgaria, (five years of intense study of English and Russian languages) with the highest grades


2012     Participation in the Winter Open Exhibition at the Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester

2011    Solo exhibition at the Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester

2009     Solo exhibition “Graphic Prints and Drawings” in Varna, Bulgaria, containing 37 works

2008     Participation in the creation of the Michelangelo Online Portal. The Project's goal is the popularisation of European Art; it focuses on the art of five European countries - UK, Italy, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria, during the last ten Centuries

2008    Prize for Young Artist Participant in the XVII Discovery International Festival
2003     Participation in an international exhibition in Paris, France

2001    Distinguished for participation in the 13th International Ex-libris Competition for Small Graphics 2001 in Sint-Niclaas, Belgium, under the title of “Ballooning”- ex-libris published in the competition’s catalogue


2012 - 2013         
Multimedia Technical Assistant                 De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

•      Editing and producing video materials for the University’s use – demos for open days, graduation ceremonies videos. Use of Avid, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Final Cut Pro.

•     Working on a number of projects, involving the use of high end software applications for the creation of visual effects and 3D video materials.

•     Assisting students with the use of the TV studios' and editing suites' equipment - hardware and software, and the green screen facilities.

•     Setting up and operating the hardware and software equipment of the TV studios. Creating lighting for the green screen sessions.

•     Participation in the students' laboratory exercises with camera work, operation of autocue, vision mixer and VT play out. Providing support with video and sound recording and editing.

•     Involvement in the preparation and recordings of TV programmes and news, shopping channels and green screen footage.

•     Design and development of news graphics and stage props.  

Multimedia Developer                                De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

•     Recording, editing and producing video materials for the University’s use – interviews with staff and students, social events and open days.

•     Developing advertising materials for the University – posters, leaflets.

•     Responsible for contributing to and updating the University’s website.

2010 - 2011            
Assistant Teacher of Art                 Framlingham College, Framlingham, Suffolk

•     Teaching lessons in drawing, painting and Photoshop and participation in all activities, carried out by the Art Department of the college, either curricular or extracurricular (evening drawing sessions with a live model, art trips and workshops).

•       Introducing the printmaking techniques of linocut, etching, dry point and cardboard etching.

•        Presentation of a solo exhibition at the Art Building of the college at the end of the school year.

•       Participation in the work for the Framlingham College’s drama productions “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and  “Our Day Out”. Development of posters for the plays, make-up designs for the fairies in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, design and development of stage props.

•         Responsibilities as a Tutor in Residence, residential boarding duties.

During my work at Framlingham College I also created a number of drawings and prints, which proved to inspire and motivate my students in the pursuit of the development of their skills.

2004 - 2010     
Teacher of Fine Art                          The National School of Arts, Varna, Bulgaria

•     Teaching lessons in drawing, printmaking, still life and composition, sessions with a live model. Participation in all activities, carried out by the school and its Art Department, either curricular or extracurricular.

•     Responsible for presenting the school and carrying out European projects in relation with Art and Art Education.

•     Participation in the jury responsible for selecting students’ pieces of work for entries in local,    national and international exhibitions and competitions.

•     Responsible for taking students on artistic excursions, national and international plain airs and contests.

My students have many appearances in regional, national and international exhibitions, festivals and contests. Many of them are currently studying Art in different European universities. In May 2010 my pupils were distinguished for their participation in an international competition in Bitola, Macedonia. Their graphic prints were awarded “Golden Palettes” Diplomas for best single realisations at the exhibition. We also participated in the “Small Monmartre of Bitola” Festival.

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